U·R·I·Y·A 연혁


• 3월        청소년 활동 시작

• 5월        Pray for Nepal -  ‘네팔 지진 피해자를 위한 기부금 모집’

• 6월     주한외국대사의 날 행사 – 네팔 지진 피해자를 위한 기부금 모집 및 네팔 대사관 전달식

• 6월-9월   징검다리 역사 만들기 답사 – 국립현충원, 우당기념관, 신흥대학터, 백범 기념관, 4.19 묘지 답사)

• 10월       ‘보다 나은 통일을 위하여’ 책 출간

• 12월       제 1회 ‘징검다리 역사 문화제’ 개최

The Year of 2015

• March: Starting Youth Activities

• May: Pray for Nepal - ‘Raising Donations for the Earthquake Victims of Nepal’

• June: Event for Foreign Ambassadors in Korea – Raising Donations for Earthquake Victims of Nepal and Sending the Embassy to Nepal

• June - September: Exploring the Creation of a History Stepping-Stone – Exploring National Cemetery, U-dang Memorial Hall, Shin-Heung University Site, Kim-Koo Memorial Hall and 4.19 Cemetery)

• October: Publishing a book ‘For Better Unification’

• November: Holding First ‘History Stepping-Stone Culture Festival’


• 5월       冊∙公∙緣 프로젝트 – 남북 통일 대안학교 책 나눔 프로젝트

• 6월-10월 新택리지 프로젝트 – 한강 편

• 10월      청소년 단체 ‘U.R.I.Y.A’ 정식 론칭

• 12월      ‘新택리지 프로젝트’ 책 출간

The Year of 2016

• May: ‘Sharing Books and Making an Alliance with You Project’ - Unification of South and North Korea Alternative School Book Sharing Project

• June - October: ‘Modern Taengniji Project’ – Han River version

• October: The Formal Launch of Youth group U.R.I.Y.A.

• December: Publishing ‘Modern Taengniji Project’ book


• 1월      안네프랑크 하우스 독점 계약

• 2월  제 2회 ‘징검다리 역사 문화제’ 개최

• 6월   ‘윤동주 기념 사업회’ 계약

• 7월  ‘안네프랑크와 윤동주의 대화’ 전시회 개최

• 8월      ‘新조선통신사’ 한일 문화 교류

• 8월     ‘영등포 쪽방촌’ 나눔 활동

• 12월    ‘안네프랑크 하우스’ 피어 가이딩

The Year of 2017

• January: Exclusive Contract with Anne Frank House

• February: Holding second ‘History Stepping-Stone Culture Festival’

• June: Contract ‘Yun Dongju Memorial Association’

• July: Holding an exhibition ‘Meeting of Anne Frank and Yun Dongju’

• August: ‘Modern Joseon Tongsinsa’ Cultural Exchanges between Korea and Japan

• August: ‘Yeongdeungpo Jjokbang-chon’ Sharing Activities

• December: ‘Anne Frank House’ Peer Guiding