Preparing for Anne Frank and Yoon Dong-ju’s Exhibition

Like this, Anne and Yoon Dong Ju were persons who suffered pain and expressed intrinsic will in a common denominator, in spite of different nationality. U.R.I.Y.A tried to close their distance by focusing on their common attributes and holding the exhibition, Anne and Dong ju’s conversation.

When we thought back on the way we came back, we prepared for the exhibition for a long time after concluding the exhibition of Anne Frank and Yoon Dong-ju. At first, we read Anne’s diary at the U.R.I.Y.A. It was able to empathize with Anne’s hard feelings, but we needed deeper and richer material for our exhibition. So, we went to explore Anne’s childhood and her life in the Netherlands. We could hear not only the story of Anne Frank’s room structure and how rooms were hidden in the war, but also a vivid story about Anne, because The Anne Frank House, SECRET ANNEX, has the life of people who lived in hiding with her. For more than two years, Anne revealed her sensibility by tearing magazine or, by writing her first crush in her diary, so we even knew her innocence. In addition, we visited not only Anne Frank House but also the Yoon Dong-ju Memorial Hall at Yonsei University to learn more about Yoon Dong-ju. There, we could feel his sensibility he felt at that time through photograph. After listening to the professor’s explanations about his life, including his background, and looking several poems, we knew Yoon dong-ju as a person who lies in the misery of war, not an independence activist. After a enough exploration, we were able to find similarities between Anne Frank and Yoon Dong-ju. They were born in a similar era and were victims of war in World War II. They lived a life without the choice even to their death because she was Jews and he was Korean. However, they had a dream and wrote what they wished until they finished their lives. And there is something in common that their writings have become known to the world by others. The power of messages conveyed by Yoon Dong-ju and Anne Frank is the “dream”. They were the people who had suffered times that we cannot imagine and yet they had emphasized their dreams. They endured because they had hopes and the world they wanted to make. Their dreams have become a huge support in a tough situation. They were able to withstand it because there was hope despite of prejudice and discrimination even ruthless violence to them. And several people’s efforts to publicize their passion for dreams have given us time to reflect on ourselves.

So we were able to play the role of their dream during the exhibition. Students who were in charge of the panel were able to explained well because they felt sympathy for the pain of the period as if they were Yoon Dong-ju and Anne Frank. In addition to the students who took charge of makeup and photography, students in all areas of the field prepared the exhibition to suit the views of Yoon Dong-ju and Anne Frank.
The exhibition was conducted in the form of dialogues between Anne and Yoon Dong-ju consisting of ‘beginning – development – crisis – peak’.

The exhibition emphasized the similarities between the two(Anne and Yoon Dong Ju). And by omitting the consequences, U.R.I.Y.A tried to emphasize the futility of their death. At the beginning, pannels showed the situation, before Anne and Yoon Dong Ju entered the full war.
and they showed two people as victims of war in the process of crisis and they expressed their desire for liberation and pain by writing in the peak. Preparing for
the exhibition, we felt that they overcame difficult situation for dream during the
war rather than strong and powerful people. Due to the effects of this process, many people seemed to be able to be immersed in the exhibition. Through this opportunity, it will be possible to hold many exhibitions based on the similarities between Yoon Dong-ju and Anne Frank.

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