Greetings! I’m Hyun Choi, the representative of U.R.I.Y.A. We are pleased to announce the activities of U.R.I.Y.A. to consultants and our partners who help U.R.I.Y.A. in various ways through our Online Newsletter.

U.R.I.Y.A. stands for ‘Universal Reinforcement and Innovation of Youth Association’, where young people around the world can engage in mutual interchanges and creative activities. The purpose of U.R.I.Y.A. is to enhance individual competence through activities of U.R.I.Y.A. and to add benefits to the global community of citizens by using the enhanced capacity.

The most central organization of the internal organization of ‘U.R.I.Y.A.’ is ‘Young Globalists’. In this first online newsletter, we would like to repay for support of our consultants and partners by delivering Young Globalists’ activities.

Please praise generously for good things that ‘Young Globalists’ did and give us advice for what is insufficient after looking at their activities. Bless all of you and your family. Thank you.

- U.R.I.Y.A 대표 최현


To: URIYA (Universal Reinforcement and Innovation of Youth Association)
I am delighted to be adopted as a member of International Advisory board to URIYA, I count this as great privilege, honor and opportunity to share my humble delights on your efforts in keeping the flame of love, cooperation, tenacity among you, fundamental universal values on Culture of peace, Non-Violence initiative – fostering “Respect” to achieve Unity in Diversity among you in URIYA, your biological home’s, academics communities, religious communities, cooperate entities and society at large . Remember, the world is challenging in decision making, acceptance and cooperation, But notwithstanding, you choose to come together in oneness to collectively understand the global socio-ecological challenges, creating innovative approaches to proffer solution as GLOBAL CITIZEN’S , your arts of nobleness, I call culture of kinship “Culture of Kinship”,
“We won't get anywhere if we don't help each other.”
~ Dave Letterman
Helping Each Other with a Diffusion of Sympathy, Empathy, and Compassion ~Charles Darwin (1809-1882) Darwin's prescription for continued survival together
I invite you to continue upholding the practice of authentic dialogue; the Golden Rule-which stipulates “Treat others the way you wish to be treated” developing your learning as artisans of Communication for the safety of our global family in order, together we can achieve a socially just thriving world beyond wars. I have confidence in you that your love will be expended to North Korea, Japan, Africa and the rest of the world. May Peace Prevail on EARTH.

James OFFUH (Peace Advocate)
Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire


Hi, I’m Seo young Kim, the 3rd leader of U.R.I.Y.A. It has been 3 years since we worked for U.R.I.Y.A and I tremble a little as we show you what Young Globalists have done. Although the result of our works might be insufficient, I hope all Young Globalists who did their best could learn ‘cooperation’, ‘service spirit’ and ‘passion’. Lastly, please pay attention to U.R.I.Y.A to be a influential organization not only domestically but also internationally. Thank you.

- Young Globalists 3rd leader Seo young Kim, Chung - Ang Univ.


Hi, I’m Nahyeon-Kim, 3rd grade student in Hyeseong Girls’ high school and the leader of Newsletter team. Newsletter team records the various activities of U.R.I.Y.A, informs the world of what we did, and prepares articles from consultants and partners around the world to publish ‘Online Newsletter.’ Now, Online newsletter publishes the first issue. Later, we will try to bring news of activities from all over the world and publish a more abundant second issue. We ask you for your interests in U.R.I.Y.A until we all become great Global Citizen as we continue to build our capabilities through continuous activities, communicate with the world continuously, and strive to become a great Global Citizen. Thank you.

 - Young Globalists 3기 뉴스레터팀 리더 혜성여고 김나현

Destroyed wishes of a sixteen-year-old girl and twenty eight-year-old man in front of ‘War’. We visited ‘Anne house’ and ‘Yun dongju memorial hall’ to follow their wishes’ and held an exhibition, ‘Meeting of Anne and Dongju’ and workshop. How about following their traces that we encountered in our lives with U.R.I.Y.A?

We, U.R.I.Y.A, have planned Naver Cloud Funding Project of medical supplies. To make a progress of this project, we have been to Jjokbang-cheon to do volunteer works. Then, we could learn more meaningful things than just collecting some information. Now, we would like to share some lessons that we have learned through this news. Want to hear the messages which U.R.I.Y.A deliver through the experiences from Jjokbang-cheon?

What is your the most impressive book? U.R.I.Y.A. had a project that shares our impressive books and makes an alliance with each other with Hanbeot school students. We want to share you valuable connections that are formed by sharing books.

In August, 2017, ‘Bridge For Peace’ in Okazaki, Japan, invited U.R.I.Y.A not only to improve recognition between Korea and Japan but also to have cultural exchanges. And in 2018, we revived ‘Modern Joseon Tongsinsa’ through the comunication with ‘Bridge For Peace’. Don’t you wonder the dispatch of ‘Modern Joseon Tongsinsa’ to Japan?