A hidden, truthful story in a Jjogbangchon

Our group U.R.I.Y.A.(Universal Reinforcement and innovation of Youth Association)
has been planning a Naver Crowdfunding since May to improve underprivileged
people’s life and help them with medicines they need. Naver Crowdfunding is a
project that produces and sells necessary medicines after collecting various
medical information.

On August 3rd, We went to Jjogbangchon* to give away noodles to the
residents for free and investigated the demand for medical supplies.

We looked around the Jjogbangchon with the town assistance representative’s

The photographs above are some scenes of the Jjogbangchon in Yeongdeungpo, Seoul.

The buildings are old and seems they would collapse in any second. Inside the
buildings, extra small rooms were placed irregularly and densely.
As you can see from the picture on the left, the width of most alleys is around 1
meter. The alleys are so narrow that only one person can walk through them.
The picture on the right shows about 30 extremely small rooms that only on adult can be in a room and people feel cramped.

The walls are’t soundproof because they are made of thin cements or wooden

Lack of windows fails to ventilate the room and makes the rooms smell

Even if there is a window, Jjogbangchon is so small that the light does not come in well.

In addition, there is a shortage of cooking facilities and especially toilets. The
residents have to use public toilets or simplified toilets in the building. Obviously,
this hinders the hygiene over the people. Since residents do not have the space to install air-conditioning system and heating equipments, they face tough situation over and over with every change of

*Jjogbangchon – A slum composed of rooms particularly smaller than how we
think of them.

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