I must walk the path given to me

Those whom U.R.I.Y.A. met in person were just one of the ordinary people who lived in ordeal of the period of war, but people used to regard Anne and Yoon Dong Ju’s influence as just their excellence. We wrote this article in order to deliver more detailed stories of Anne and Yoon Dong Ju to those people.

Yoon Dong-ju was born in Myeongdong-chon, bukgan-do in 1917, and entered
Myeongdong Elementary School at the age of nine. Since then, he had published 15 poems through Eunjin Middle School and Soongsil Junior High School.
Starting on the <clam shell>, which he wrote in December 1935, he had written
poems until he was a first year student in Yeonhee professorship college. When
the school was closed due to refusal to shrines in Sungsil Junior High School, he
graduated Gwangmyung School and entered department of liberal arts in Yeon hee
professorship college with Song-mong gyu. Four years of Yeon hee College were
the period when Yoon Dong-ju’s poetry period was settled. And also he recognized
and depressed the reality of his gloomy country during the period. He was also
ashamed of his passive resistance himself and expressed his self-reflection
throughout his poetry. In 1941, when he became a graduating class in Yeon hee
professional college, Yoon Dong-ju expressed his inner direction and the weight of
history which had pressed him. Prior to his graduation, Yoon Dong-ju had tried to
publish 19 poems of his poems, titled “Sky, Wind, and Stars and Poems”, but he
couldn’t because his surroundings dissuaded him. He was obliged to change his family name to ‘Chang’ to go abroad. So he couldn’t sleep
because of longing for his homeland. He was arrested on suspicion of
instigating the independence of the Joseon Dynasty and the patronage of national
culture while preparing to go home in July 1943. On February 16, 1945, he died at
the age of 29 at the Kyushu Fukuoka prison as an unexplained cause. After the
liberation, his 31 copies of posthumous work were collected by courtesy of Jeong Byeong-wook, and published in January 1948 titled “Sky,
Wind, Stars, and Poems” added with Kang Cheo-jung’s epilogue and Jeong
Ji-yong’s introduction. The poem that portrays Yoon Dong-ju the best may be the
<prelude>. In particular, It was shown that Yoon Dong-ju expressed his firm will
on his reflective attitude and the resolution of the liberation of his country
through the phrases ‘There is no shame in looking up to the sky until the day of
his death’, and ‘I will walk the path given to me’. It would be
a great comfort to the young people who had resisted the Japanese imperialism,
dreaming of independence of the country at that time, and it is the poem
that makes the present generation regret the attitude even when they
read it.

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