Book, sharing and relationship

In 2015, ‘International Youth Culture Exchange Federation’ progressed
‘Stepping-stone history project’ to put ‘Stepping-stone’ which will connect South
Korea and North Korea that will be unified. Members of the federation collected history that South Korea and North Korea joined together before the division, published book and also opened a cultural festival. They could find the common features in the history which South Korea and North Korea shared during the project. But it left a feeling of regret about things that we can emotionally share here and now.

In May 14th, 2016, ‘International Youth Culture Exchange
Federation’ visited ‘Hanbeot school’,
an alternative school of North Korean defectors which is located in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, and progressed ‘Sharing Books and Making an Alliance’. Hanbeot school is an alternative school for North Korean defectors who can not assimilate into South Korea. And Hanbeot school is a ‘Boarding type after school’ that provides both schooling and home education for the children among North Korean defectors who have difficulties with education and rearing. Currently, there are 20 children of North Korea and youth including 5 North Korean teachers in Hanbeot school. ‘International Youth Culture Exchange Federation’ visited Hanbeot school with intention of getting closer by sharing books and joining together with North korean defectors.

Sharing Books and Making an Alliance was organized into an athletic event aimed at culture exchange with North korean defectors and vitalization of Hanbeot school library. Namely, the federation interacted with North Korean defectors emotionally, exchanging the culture and using the material
‘Book’ as a tool to vitalize. However, the books delivered through the Sharing Books and Making an Alliance are a way that can share the experience of donors, not just as a donation. Before the event is progressed, members had to choose books which is meaningful to oneself, Then, they attached a postcard behind the books and wrote down what they wanted readers to feel through this book. Also, they left E-mail on the postcard to keep relationship.

Kim Tae Sung, a member of International Youth Culture Exchange Federation,
said “First, I participated the volunteer work because I simply thought it is good
thing, but as I saw the children smiling brightly while playing together, I felt it is a
really valuable thing that provides a new life for them, not just
as a volunteer work.”

As progressing Sharing Books and Making an Alliance, International Youth Culture Exchange Federation could get experience sharing the present as original purpose. Such process served as a momentum that discovered things to correct for South and North’s relationship and difficulties such as wall of communication etc. International Youth Culture Exchange Federation ‘U.R.I.Y.A’ will try to make more advanced forum for communication based on the learning point of Sharing Books and Making an Alliance

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