I want to tell you all my heart in the future

U.R.I.Y.A reorganized Anne Frank and Yoon Dong Ju’s story into our voices, and announced it through a exhibition, Anne and Dong ju’s conversation. And now, I’m willing to look back our journey, recalling outputs which are made up of many passions and efforts.

Anne Frank was born between Otto Frank and Edith Frank. As Hitler’s Nazi policy
of killing the Jews was getting worse, her family tried to defect to the US
but failed. In the darkest moments of the war, Anne, who dreamed of becoming a
journalist, got a diary when she was 13 years old. Anne named the diary Kitty and wrote a daily diary and dreamed a journalist. “I want to tell you all my heart in the future. I want you to be in such a state of comfort and support.“ Anne wrote a diary like writing a letter to Kitty while writing the first chapter of the diary. But as Nazi pressure became more and more intense, Anne’s family fled to the Dutch shelter that Anne’s father, Otto, prepared in 1942. Anne kept worried and said “In our lives we have endless worries.. If we don’t hide, no one cannot escape from this imminent destiny. All are marching to the death.” Only Kitty was her true friend. In August 1944, about two years after she had been in hiding, Anne’s family was discovered hiding because of someone’s push. They are then
transported from the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland to the Bergen-Belsen
concentration camp. There, Anne died of typhoid fever in March 1945 at the age
of 16. On April 15th, 1945, people in the Bergen Belsen concentration camp
were liberated by the British army. After its liberation, Otto, the only survivor of Anne’s family returned to Holland and published Anne’s diary.

Written by: xx school 유 진

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